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    If you need it, we likely have it. Or can get it in short order. 

    We live in a difficult state to get supplies and materials too and for this reason we have been forced to get good at finding what we need, but more importantly, getting it here. 

    As a result of chiseling out direct relationships with many of the component manufacturers and distributors across the country we have amassed the largest and most diverse inventory of RV materials and components across Alaska. But because of these relationships, in most cases, we can also give the best prices to our customers. 

    The following is an example list of what we usually keep a large stock of: 


      • Appliances: water heaters, refrigerators, 12volt refrigerators, furnaces, microwaves, stoves, cooktops, 110volt and 12volt water pumps, air conditioners, power vents, etc. (Examples of in stock brands – Dometic, Lippert, Suburban, Furrion, Coleman, Flame King, Shurflo, Maxxair, etc.) 
      • Electrical Components: batteries, power converters, pure sine inverters, power cords, solar panels, solar charge controllers, thermostats, furnace motors, electric steps, refrigerators control boards, furnace control boards, chargers, 12volt breakers, 110volt breakers, 12 volts switches, King Jack satellite antennas, tank sensors, tank monitor panels, 12volt relays, starter solenoids, etc. The list is long. Examples of in stock brands (Interstate, Green Saver, Intellitec, WFCO, Progressive Dynamic, Lippert, Parallax Power, Go Power, Samlex, Southwire, King Jack, Dish, Watch Dog, etc.) 
      • Jacks & Ladders: tongue jacks, camper jacks, scissor jacks, slide out jacks, landing gear, universal RV ladders, collapsible ladders, etc. Brands – (BAL, Husky, Stromberg, Lippert) 
      • Fresh & Wastewater: faucets, fittings, shower faucets, shower head replacements, outside showers, quick disconnect hoses, winterizing valves, water heater by-pass kits, pump strainers, water filters, ABS wastewater tanks, Polyethylene fresh and wastewater tanks, tanks fittings, special order tanks, black & grey water waste valves, specialty bayonet fittings, RV grey water drain hoses, ABS fittings and adapter, etc. 
      • Sealants – Glues – Treatments: EPDM roof coating/treatment, lap sealant, self-leveling sealant, perimeter rail sealant, siding contact cement, contact cement for foam, TPO, EPDM and PVC specialty primers and cleaners, aluminum roof coating, cargo trailer metal roof tape, Eterna-Bond roofing tape, putty tape, etc. Brands (Sika Flex, Tuff Dog-flexible seal, Dicor, XTRM Ply, Eternabond, Wilsonart). 
      • Other Accessories: awnings, entrance doors, roof vents, refrigerator roof and side vents, plumbing vents, compartment doors, door latches, handles, assist handles, windows, polyethylene compartment boxes, propane tanks – horizontal and vertical, docking bumpers,  
      • Truck Accessories: camper tiedowns, suspension supplements (air springs, Timbren airless springs, Torklift Stable loads), fifth wheel truck hitches, gooseneck hitches, dual stack bumper hitch upgrade, fifth wheel 7-pole truck harnesses, etc. Brands (Torklift, Timbren, Airlift, Ride-rite, MorRyde, Husky, Road Master, etc.) 

    Raw Materials 

    • RV Rail: corner insert rail, flat rail, non-insert rails, slide rooms rails (limited), drip rails, specialty brand rails (limited), lap rails, etc. The list here is quite long and impossible to detail. 
    • Sheet Aluminum: we carry tens of thousands of pounds of sheet metal. Our main sizes are .024 and .030. We also carry certain colors of .032. These come in various colors. 
    • Sheet Fiberglass: this is called filon. We carry it in grey and white on a several hundred-foot-long coil 102” per running foot. 
    • Roof Membrane: TPO, PVC, Fiberglass, Aluminum, etc. (NOTE: EPDM is no longer made and has very limited supply. However, sealants and EPDM coatings are still vastly available.)
    • RV Paneling: we care hundreds of sheets of the following – 4x8x 1/8” sheets in various colors with PVC backed vinier. 4x8x 1/8” & 1/4” sheets of bare luan. We also have some of these panels in 4x9x 1/8”
    • Weather Seals: we have numerous types of rubber weather strips for many applications. The following are examples: slide-rooms, truck topper seal, windows, doors, etc. We carry hundreds of feet of each and in some cases thousands of feet. 
    • Wire: 7-conductor cable (trailer wire), 4-conductor cable, 16-gauge multi strand, 10-gauge multi strand. We carry tens of thousands of feet in those sizes in multiple colors. 
    • Fasteners: we carry thousands of pounds of various RV and cargo trailer based fasteners from screws to bolts to staples to rivets. We carry both Stainless Steel and Zinc in large part. Just ask us. 

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