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Cache Camper is the epitome of the Alaskan dream. Much of this state is still wild and untamed even today. Rewind 51 years to 1971, four years before the famous Trans-Alaska Pipeline was cut across some of the most unforgiving country in the world. Today, the hub of the Butte out on the Old Glenn Highway could be considered Alaska’s by-passed route 66. But back in 1971, on the corner under the intersection’s slow, flashing red light, was a man by the name of Dennis Wyatt. Dennis filled a single and basic need for homesteaders, farmers, and rough adventures by making canopy toppers (the camper shell). Though his focus was just on making a living by solving a simple problem, he was starting a company that would still be serving that very same need five decades later. 
In those days, with the focus of keeping the weather out of the pickup bed, Dennis only made camper shells. He did this for the first few years of the company but that would not be the extent of its future. In 1975, a young and eager outdoorsman, by the name of Larry Leuenberger, joined Dennis’s crew. After working in the business for a couple years, Larry left state for school for college, and returned in the spring of 1981. He returned to find that Merlin Valasky had purchased Cache Camper from Dennis while Larry had been in college. Larry met with Merlin to discuss obtaining a lease for the company. During their meeting, a customer showed up to the shop with money in hand to purchase a camper shell. Larry immediately agreed to build the shell, and with that, Merlin agreed to lease the company. Larry leased Cache Camper from Merlin and was able to fully purchase it over the next two years. 
Over the following 40 years, Larry went on to extend what the company offered in both services and products. He shifted focus from keeping the weather out of the bed to also keeping the weather off the person. The company went into making everything from large cabover camper shells to small truck sleepers, to slide in truck campers, sled dog kennels, box trucks, and full fifth wheel trailers, finally settled into a niche that Alaskan’s have proven they need. That niche is custom built canopy toppers, slide in campers, and commercial utility boxes that are either basic shells or fully outfitted with specific industry equipment ready for the field. 
In 2001 Larry sold a custom camper to a Mr. and Mrs. Shoemaker. The couple had a particular request. They wanted a camper with heat and a whole bunch of seat belts. They wanted to use the camper as both a camper and a van because they had ten children. So, Larry obliged. The family used that camper for many years and the children enjoyed the unique experience. A few of those children went on to work for Larry many years later. 
One of those children was David shoemaker. David grew an interest in the company and began working for Larry in 2011. By 2017 he knew he wanted to buy the company from Larry and so they made a handshake deal that in 5-years David would buy it and make it possible to continue on all that Cache Camper had been to Alaska over the years and allow for Larry to retire. 
Four and a half years later they finalized the sale and David became the new owner in July of 2022. Larry continued on working in an advisory and mentor position until the spring of 2023 where he officially retired. 
The company always filled a proven set of needs for Alaska but did not quite do so at a level that David has been thoroughly satisfied with. He has a tremendous respect for the depth of skill and knowledge that Larry built into the crew over the years but believes there is much more in store for the future of the company and the careers of the crew. He also has had a solid belief in the continued improvement of the services provided to the customers as well as the products they manufacture. In David’s words, “This is a special company with a genuinely solid set of skills and services. It is a well-kept secret that has always been tucked away in the back yard, so it has been long overdue to bring everything that we are to Alaska in a more efficient and transparent way so that more people can experience real solutions which they may not have known have been here all along. Of course, this comes in the form of expanding the business and better defining our services and improving at each level of the company. The future here in the valley is exciting to say the least but we will never forget where we came from and the niche that Alaskans have proved they need us to deliver in. We will continue serving them while expanding our products to a wider market and building true solutions for the northwestern portion of North America. 
Cache Camper has been dedicated to serving the pickup truck niche and does it well. Over the past 53 years, the company has figured out what does and does not work and what building methods will last in our harsh climate in the long term. By focusing on what will hold up, but more importantly, standing by their workmanship when and if it does fail, Cache Camper has built a brand that can be trusted to stand the test of time. 
The harsh elements and challenging roadways of the Alaska wilderness provide a barrier between the experience of the adventurous traveler and the construction of adequate shelter from the weather of this untamed land. Cache Camper has grown to rise above those challenges and understands what it takes to build a base camp for every kind of adventurer, fisherman, hunter, outdoorsman, and laborer, simulating the comforts of home so that they can comfortably exist in nature and maintain their claim to the Alaskan dream. 
To go along with the custom manufacturing and repairs, Cache Camper carries over 25,000 parts in stock to assist the do-it-yourselfers. 

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