We take on repair, upgrades, and service to our customers RV’s that many would not. We are here to provide true solutions that actually mean something to our community. We will be the first to tell you that we are not the absolute fix all and the best thing since peanut butter, but we can sure reach for it. 


As a custom fabrication company, we tend to build in many categories. These include cab-chassis builds, class C camper rebuilds, specialty trailers, square drop trailers, UTV shelters, food trailers, food trucks, etc. We have built, and will continue to build in many unique categories.


If you need it, we likely have it. Or can get it in short order. We live in a difficult state to get supplies and materials too and for this reason we have been forced to get good at finding what we need, but more importantly, getting it here. 

Quality Workmanship

Our 50 years of experience allows us to provide nearly any type of customization that you require to adapt your camper or canopy to your specific needs and Alaska’s environment. We also provid repair services and remodeling for Campers, RV’s, Trailers and Canopies.

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